Michael P. Dee - 2011

Michael P. Dee

Welcome to my home page. This site presents my current resume, detailed work history, recent projects, education, and other interests to potential employers. The navigation links to the left provide access to the entire site. Email links are included near the bottom.

Despite several opportunities following Northrop, none have granted me permission to publish my work as Northrop did. Also, most of my references were released by Northrop as our department was closed. They are free to discuss my work, while subsequent managers are not. This site will continue to be heavy on Northrop info for these reasons.

I am currently seeking a new software engineering challenge. I will consider contract or direct-hire positions. Work sites within commuting distance of Temecula are preferred.

I recently completed my final assignment at California Sensor Corporation (Calsense) working on advanced irrigation controllers. It's time for something new!

Hiring Managers: Here's your chance to add multiple-industry experience to your organization:

  • Irrigation Controls
  • Medical Devices
  • Commercial Avionics
  • Defence
  • Computer
  • Telecommunications
  • BS in Computer Science Engineering
  • US Citizen, DoD Secret Clearance expired in 2014, SSBI on file.

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