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This is my ideal job description. The hiring managers at John Deere agreed. They made me an offer I had to refuse in August of 2011. They made me a second offer I also had to refuse. Both decisions still hurt.

As I said, the positions were ideal. All the people I met in Waterloo, IA were first class in talent and personality. The work environment and community would be hard to beat. I love their products. John Deere compensation and benefits are extreemely competitive. I know I would have made a huge contribution to the Electronic Controls Department. Unfortunately, their base pay did not allow me to make-ends-meet for the first year of employment. I had financial obligations in California that I wouldn't abandon. Expensive/inconvienient airline connections to Waterloo prevented me from commuting - an option management and I were very willing to pursue.

That was summer of 2011. It is now late summer 2012. Over the last year, I have used my Northrop per deim and bonuses to significantly reduced my monthly expenses. I'm now in a position to accept a similar offer. Their job description is still the best match I have ever seen:

John Deere Job Description

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